There's something about being a modern inventor that's a little out there on the edge. You don't just dream up new, disruptive, innovative or {fill in the blank} ideas, but you make them come to life, first as drawings, and then as prototypes, and then, depending on what you're inventing, as files, recipes, or a set of instructions, and then through manufacturing and bringing to market.

The point is, you do, you create, you make.

Making anything physical is where it gets hard. It’s not digital where you have some good ideas about something or other to disrupt, a great coder, a way with marketing spin, and you’re off to the races, looking to scale, hockey-stick style, and then exit.

Perhaps it’s not quite that easy, but hardware is just a different animal. Ideas are just that – notions of what you want to accomplish – but then you need to deal with how those ideas translate to three dimensions, and how they work with different materials, and how a user would interact with them.

It all takes equipment just to get to the prototyping stage, going back and forth on various iterations to get it ready for a pitch, user testing, or even ready for production. Breaking down what's involved, there's:

The equipment – in particular, more advanced equipment like CNC routers and mills and lasers – will run you tens of thousands of dollars. Ordering it can often take months. 

Then there’s provisioning and maintaining that equipment, which takes time, and knowhow, and money. 

And before we forget, you need a space for all that equipment, which in urban centers, can be prohibitively expensive. Not-so-extras like power, water, insurance, etc. quickly ratchet up the numbers.

This kind of investment is risky, even if you’re well-funded or in a corporate skunkworks. And that’s just for prototyping and short-run products.The alternative is to outsource your prototyping, but that slows down the process as well, means you can’t iterate in real-time and can risk your IP.

Unfortunately, there aren't that many options to help. There are some great makerspaces out there, but many don't offer state-of-the-art, professionally maintained equipment, or real support for your big idea.

That's why we created Make.Work.Space, a true turnkey solution for modern inventors, designed to avoid the need for risky investments and speed up time to prototype, MVP, and even small-scale manufacturing. Instead of spending tens, and even hundreds of thousands, you could spend a few hundred dollars a month.

To all this, we provide value-added benefits: a community of like-minded inventors happy to share tips, frustrations, and joys; an ecosystem of lawyers, marketers, and designers to help you take what you do from idea to market; and a commitment to making you successful.

Time, money, know-how, critical connections and the support of people on a similar journey to yours. It’s what every entrepreneur dreams of.  Make.Work.Space turns it into reality.

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