Are you ready for some Momentum?

Make.Work.Space. is a brand-new, first-of-its-kind membership space for product designers and product-based companies looking for cost-effective ways to design, prototype, and fabricate their innovations, and bring them to market.

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Introducing, the Momentum Membership...

Momentum members receive 3-months of free space and other benefits - a perfect way to kickstart a project or give a little - well - momentum. Interested? Read on.

Momentum Membership

As we launch the Oakland location, we are inviting a select group of product innovators and designers to join us as Momentum Members. If you’re one of those rockstars who’s laser-focused on taking your game-changer idea or innovation to the next level, consider applying for our Momentum Membership! Or - if you know someone that should be a Momentum Member, please let us know by nominating them!

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The Benefits

  • 3-months of space usage (ThinkerBench or MakerBench) including access to shared workspaces, equipment and member services discounts
  • 10-hours/month usage credit on CNC machines
  • 10-hours/month usage credit on 3D printers
  • Connections to vetted partners and professional service providers, including funders, lawyers, marketing/branding strategists and manufacturing experts.
  • An opportunity to build a professional network of peers who are also bringing their innovations to market

The Exchange

  • Contribute to and participate in community events
  • Participate in photos, social media, new member testimonials
  • Use your primary work space at least 3-days/week

How to Apply & Nominate

Spaces are limited - get your applications and nominations in today! For nominators, once you submit, we will review the nomination with our Momentum Team and get in touch with the potential Momentum Member to further assess fit. For applicants, once you submit your application, we’ll review it with our Momentum Team and circle-back in short-order. If there's a good fit and available Momentum Memberships, we will invite you into the space, give you a tour and answer any questions that you may have. We like to move fast, so don't fret: we’ll let you know our decision soon after the tour!