We strive to inspire, enable and elevate generations of creative thinkers, doers and makers, for the benefit of all humankind.

Our Story

When we started Make.Work.Space. in 2018, we envisioned a unique workspace unlike anything else, a space where visionary thinkers and product pioneers could thrive within a community focused on connection and collaboration. What we created is a Shangri-La for talented inventors with a significant life purpose - ideation and creation of the next big thing!

Make.Work.Space. began with the belief that there is a modern inventor in all of us: someone who is driven, motivated, inspired, to make a positive change—to help build a better world.

Make.Work.Space. is a place where these ideas can be cultivated into real-world solutions that are brought to life—and to market.

We Are Innovators

Meeting at the wood working bench
shared work space 3d printer
shared meeting space

Our Core Values


We are concerned about the wellbeing of humankind and are working tirelessly to make the world a better place. We celebrate the success of others and approach relationships with generosity, compassion and consideration.


We balance action with care and consideration. Our decision-making is informed by empathy, observation and insatiable curiosity: we strive to understand the impacts of our decisions before they are made.


We are hopeful about the future. We believe in the power of giving a damn and the spirit of human ingenuity. We leap boldly into the unknown, expecting meaningful results and positive action.


We are serious about success – for our members, our community and ourselves – and we work feverishly to achieve it. We are in it to win it and believe that we will be more successful through alliance building, collaboration and partnership.


We are committed to building the world of tomorrow by re-localizing communities across the globe. Our goal is bold and audacious - and, we are confident that we’ve laid out a path for success. The task is too important to fail.


We consistently stand up for what we believe in, lead with the courage of our convictions, and act in accordance with our values: we say what we mean and we mean what we say. Let’s do this!

Join Our Team

Want to be part of a growing team working tirelessly to bring about localized economies across the globe? Are you ready for a fun and rewarding ride? We have a lot of important work ahead, so drop us a line - let’s talk!

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